Can anyone recommend articles or books or any other resources on prison justice/prison abolition as a feminist issue or anything along the lines of that (prisons don’t solve gendered violence, prisons and reproductive justice, alternative models of dealing with violence/crime, etc.)

I already have everything by Dean Spade, Angela Davis, and INCITE!

Need for thesis?

  1. luckylouise13 answered: Golden Goulag(sp?) by Ruth WIlson Gilmore
  2. scottybegood314 answered: gilmore’s writing is good
  3. dismisswhateverinsultsyoursoul answered: Check out Captive Genders: Trans Embodiment and the Prison Industrial Complex maybe?
  4. amostpeculiarman said: Look up Joey Mogul and the People’s Law Office in Chicago. Joey spoke before the 2006 UN convention against torture etc. Joey’s work may not be exactly what you want but likely references a lot of good things.
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