Can anyone recommend articles or books or any other resources on prison justice/prison abolition as a feminist issue or anything along the lines of that (prisons don’t solve gendered violence, prisons and reproductive justice, alternative models of dealing with violence/crime, etc.)

I already have everything by Dean Spade, Angela Davis, and INCITE!

Need for thesis?

Leslie Feinberg—Embodying Solidarity


In honor of Queer History Month, Ms. Bloggers will be giving shout-outs to some of their queer heroes of the present and past.

Leslie Feinberg has been fighting the fight (or more accurately, fights) for more years than I’ve been on this earth.  In that regard, ze is my elder. I use this as a term of reverence for someone whose work has changed my life. And that’s exactly what Feinberg is—a teacher and a life changer. Other words to describe ze are activist, coalition builder, writer, transgender warrior and social justice leader. In case this is your introduction to Leslie Feinberg, here is some background to orient you:

Feinberg is the author of several books including Stone Butch Blues (1993), Transgender Warriors: Making History from Joan of Arc to Dennis Rodman(1997)Trans Liberation: Beyond Pink or Blue (1999) and Drag King Dreams (2006). Feinberg’s novels take readers on an emotional journey through the ever-changing lives of characters I dare you not to love. Always at the frontier of transgender politics, hir non-fiction books reveal the complexities of gender in a way that everyone can grasp.

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ummmm yes.

You’re having after-donation regret





ummmm yes.

You’re having after-donation regret


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"I know sex workers with more feminism in their clit rings than you’ve got in your entire gender studies department."

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This is one of my favorite quotes ever.

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“Since when is a woman responsible for a man’s self-control?”



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Dion, the Socialist.: I'm making a zine! :D


A ______’s Guide for Living in a Patriarchal, White-Supremacist, Rape Culture

That’s the title :)

So yeah, we’re working on the revolution, and it’s coming surely but slowwwly. In the meantime though, we still have to live in this bullshit oppressive culture. And as…

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"We definitely don’t want to live in a world where boys routinely see women breastfeeding. They might grow up with the idea that breasts exist for something other than their amusement."

Margaret Hartmann, “Porn Star Publicly Breastfeeds Baby, Gets Accused of Promoting Pedophilia” at Jezebel. (via aaabbbbbbiiieee)(via feministslut) ugh

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The term “check your privilege:”


That doesn’t mean, “Your argument is automatically invalid because you’re white/male/able-bodied/whatever.”

It means, “There’s an aspect to this argument you are incapable of understand because you are white/male/able-bodied/whatever, and you should accept that and review your argument with that in mind.”

You’re welcome.

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Things that are annoying me:



  • People who love their periods and try to force everyone else who has periods to love them because it’s obviously not the worst thing ever for some or just really dysphoric for others. STOP THAT. PLEASE. We understand that you love your period and such but that doesn’t mean it’s the same for everyone.

  • People who have pit hair who are becoming special snowflakes and shaming people who shave cos shaving obvz means you aren’t REALLY an activist or that you listen to society. It’s not like some people just DON’T like body hair. Or… OR! Hear me out on this one. OR MAYBE THEY JUST WANNA SHAVE

You people really need to get off of your high horse and just let people do what they want just like you’d like people to just leave you alone and let you do what you want.


This deserves to be forever reblogged. If you call yourself a Feminist, or an Activist of any kind and preach like this to anyone, I remind you that you’re doing the exact same thing which you apparently so angry, upset, and oppressed about yourself. 

Same goes for people who shame skinny people, people who wear makeup, feminine girls, etc. Just, stop. You’re doing it wrong. We fight against body policing…so that you can police others? No.

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